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What does a group booking at OVERhang involve?


Book your group climbing event at OVERhang! We facilitate everything including family get-togethers, birthday parties, adult groups, reunions, sports days, corporate events, and any other event you may have in mind.

We do our best to get everyone into harnesses and quickly oriented, so you can maximize your hour of climbing time – with music, engaging staff, and fun games appropriate for the group. If you have a more complex idea in mind, e.g., two hours of climbing instead of 1, or planning a multi-sport option with our neighbouring partners in tennis, golf, curling, basketball, or the restaurant/patio, or a tailored corporate team building event that highlights leadership, communication, trust, etc - then contact our manager to explore options custom-made for you.

Booking groups will have the Programming Room to themselves for 1 hour of climbing time and, if desired and available, up to an hour in our Party Room afterwards! The Party Room is sanitized and setup between each group, and is a large space that includes tables and chairs, tons of extra floor space, a fridge/freezer, and a microwave. It's perfect for bringing in your own pizza/cake or setting up your own games or gathering.



  • OVERhang staff do not directly supervise the Party Room hour, and we do have expectations around how the space may be used and the condition it must be left in when your group is done.
  • There is no price difference if you choose not to use the Party Room hour.


Birthday Party/Group Bookings on weekends
Birthday Party/Group Bookings on weekends

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