Memberships and punch card sales have moved online to reduce touch points in response to the COVID crisis.  Please consider online purchases, and DEFINITELY do your waiver online before coming in!

Make sure we are open

To purchase online CLICK HERE



  1-month Adult (19+) $80
  1-month Youth (5-18) $66
  1-month Toddler (0-4) $54
  1 month Family (up to 2 adults & 3 youth in same household) $240
  Full Year Adult $800

Punch Cards

  10 punch card Adult $160
  10 punch card Youth $145
  10 punch card Toddler $100

Day Pass Drop-ins & Rentals

  Adult $20
  Youth $18
  Toddler $13
  Family (up to 2 adults & 3 youth in same household) $60


Rental of Climbing Shoes ($6) and Harness ($6) $12

Additional Info

The above prices do not include GST.

We encourage purchases to be made online, to reduce touch-points at our front desk.

Memberships and punch cards are non-transferrable (only apply to one individual).

At this time, OVERhang is not offering any discounts.  This policy may be revised by the owners in the future.

No loose chalk in the facility - liquid chalk only.

All people present must wear clean indoor shoes or climbing shoes - no bare feet or socked feet, please.

Please review our COVID-19 protocols - it is important that everyone knows and respects the changes we have made as we do our best to protect our staff and clients.

Since reopening we have new waiver forms - yours must be filled out online before coming in.  This includes people with active memberships.

As of July 2nd we welcome daypass drop-ins on evenings, and are closed on weekends (summers are usually pretty quiet around here!).

We also have an additional orientation to ensure you understand our new COVID-19 protocols - so the first time you come in since we've reopened, we will run you through that.

Welcome back!