Companion Rescue Course

The Companion Rescue Course is a beginner level course that will provide you with the skills all
backcournty recreationists should have! It is also a great refresher course if you've already done previous avalanche training.

At the end of the course, skills obtained should include:

  • Use of search and rescue techniques 
  • Consideration and application of preventative measures
  • In case of avalanche, know sequence of actions
  • Comprehension the function of airbags
  • Transceiver skills (understanding of functions and how to use)  
  • Reflect on multiple burial situations 
  • Organization of a group rescue 
  • Identify post-incident considerations

This course is open to any backcournty recreationist, as there are no prerequisites to the course. If you're interested in more avalanche training, visit the Avalanche Skills Training

If you're interested in taking the Companion Rescure Coure, take a look at our calendar for dates and to register!