Climbing Gym Remains Open - with CAUTION!

Posted: March 29, 2021

Public Health has confirmed that fitness facilities and climbing gyms offering PERSONAL workouts have not been sites of transmission of COVID-19. While group fitness activities are cancelled, people can still visit climbing gyms for their individual workouts.
OVERhang and other climbing gyms in the province remain open!
We do need everyone to redouble their efforts to follow the safety protocols, however. ONLY CLIMB WITH OTHERS IN YOUR CORE BUBBLE, keep 2+ meters from others, and keep wearing your masks. Wash hands very frequently. We thank all our clientele for helping us keep our community and our staff as safe as possible. Stay home if you have any symptoms or red flags, and closely follow all other protocols (one way flow, maximum number of people in boulder cave, etc). We got this!
Please treat this as a workout space, not a social hangout, and respect that others may be waiting to get in (given our reduced capacity). Please help us stay open by following the COVID protocols in place. We love you and want to keep seeing you - at a distance!
If you want to keep your local climbing gym open, you need to take personal responsibility for your actions and those of your buddies.  We're doing everything we can - please do your part too!