Possible COVID 19 Exposure in the Climbing Gym

Posted: November 7, 2020

OVERhang learned today that one of our clients tested positive for COVID-19. We deeply appreciate their call and wish them all the best in their healing process.
The health and safety of our employees and clients is our top priority, and we commit to being open and transparent with you. We have been in communication with provincial health authorities and we are following all protocols and procedures for our team and clients.
At this time owner Lauren Phillips and Manager Alana Bull are personally contacting all clients who may have been potentially affected, based on our contact tracing reports (people that were in the facility at the same time or shortly thereafter). Those that were in CLOSE contact are being asked to self-isolate and get tested; anyone present in the facility at the time but not in close contact is asked to self-monitor. Anyone who has been potentially affected will be notified by 9pm November 07, 2020. We are not able to share the name of the client that tested positive, and all staff are aware of this - please do not ask them. None of our employees were in close contact with the client during the last 14 days.
We will continue to monitor the situation closely and have at this time decided to voluntarily close the facility for the rest of the weekend. We will use this time to continue to clean the facility and are researching the best practices for a detailed and effective clean.
The possible exposure dates at OVERhang Climbing Gym were October 28th 5pm-7:45pm, and November 2nd 7:45pm-8:45pm. The client has not been in the facility since Nov 2nd.
Again we are following all the provincial authorities recommendations, and will be contacting everyone necessary by 9pm this evening. Thank you for your patience, understanding, and well wishes as we do our best to navigate these challenging and unpredictable times.
We will be updating everyone through our website and social media outlets as new information becomes available, and plan to reopen on Monday at 3pm. Masks have been mandatory at OVERhang since the beginning of November, and physical distancing is always a must.
Should you have any questions about COVID-19 provincial recommendations and actions, we suggest you call 1-844-645-7811. Meanwhile, please stay connected as a community, and we will all get through this!