Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS) during COVID 19

Posted: April 2, 2020

OVERhang and Covid 19

To our dear community,

Thank you, first off, for your patience and encouragement as we navigate the unprecedented and rapidly changing COVID-19 global crisis: we deeply appreciate the many compassionate members who have reached out and encouraged each of us.

OVERhang is proud to be a locally owned and operated small business. With over 25 employees, the impact of our recent closure has been devastating. Despite the potential of future government support, we have had to take the necessary and unfortunate step of temporarily laying off nearly our entire staff team. While a skeleton crew remains in place to manage the operations and prepare for our reopening when this health crisis has passed, at the moment we have no idea how long it will take for BC, Canada, and the world to get back on track; this is all uncharted territory. While our small crew can only be sustained for so long, you should know we are doing everything possible to survive.  At the moment the staff are currently renovating and revamping the climbing wall areas to create a brand new fresh look when we do reopen.

We also appreciate that many folks have been deeply impacted by COVID-19 and are struggling right now.  As such, below is need-to-know active member information to put your minds at ease. For those who have reached out with offers of support, thank you: we have more information on those options below.



WHAT’S HAPPENING TO MY MEMBERSHIP WHILE YOU’RE CLOSED?                                              

Prepaid Members:

By default, all prepaid memberships (including monthly and annual memberships) will be frozen at no cost until further notice. The freeze will be backdated to Tuesday March 17, 2020.

Active Members interested in supporting us by purchasing added membership can certainly do so:  this will top up your account, adding time onto the end of your membership once we can return to the gym! This is deeply appreciated as you already contribute so much to our community.


Punch Card Members:

Punch cards do not expire so any visit you had remain when we closed will still be available once we reopen.



What’s Happening with Camps and Youth Climbing Programs?

Unfortunately, due to the outbreak of COVID-19, we have been forced to put a hold on all upcoming programs, including our Spring Break Camps and Spring youth after-school and weekend programs.

We are continuing to assess the threat of COVID-19, will inform all parents and the community as soon as we know when we are able to offer our programs again.  Our next anticipated youth programs will be Summer Camps, but there’s no guarantee at this time those will go ahead or not, so we are not actively collecting new registrations.

Will I receive a refund for the youth programs?:

At this time, all of the Spring Break Campers were issued a refund in full already. The Youth that are currently registered in the Spring programming (for after-school and weekend programs like Tree Frogs, Mountain Goats, and Competitive Team) will be issued a credit for future programming or camps once we reopen. All parents will be contacted regarding this credit by April 8, 2020. If you are financially strained during this time and need to arrange other options please contact the climbing gym manager Chris Taylor personally at



Climbing Courses

All Adult Climbing Courses (including Learn to Belay, Learn to Lead, and outdoor climbing courses) are postponed indefinitely until reopening.

Birthday Party Bookings

Birthday Parties are currently unavailable for bookings. All emailed requests will be addressed when we have a date for re-opening. Please email requests to and please be patient with a reply. Any deposits that have already been paid will be refunded once the date of the booking has passed if we are unable to accommodate you.



To keep the roof over our holds while we are closed, we are running an online pre-sale of OVERhang Gift cards and memberships. We know this comes at an inopportune time, and there is no obligation to help. We want you to look after yourself and each other first and foremost.  Several members have asked how they can help, though, so we’ve come up with an option.

If you are able to support us, we are eternally grateful. With your help we are confident that we will come back strong, and when we do, we’ll be thrilled to climb with you! Currently you can purchase gift cards in the denominations of $50 and $100 as well as an Adult Month Membership. All are redeemable once the gym reopens.


If the gym is closed, there can’t be any costs, right??!

Nope.  We still have to pay insurance, utilities, WCB and other employee costs, rent (the golf and curling club has deferred our March rent for which are SOOOO grateful but we don’t know how many months they’ll do that for), GST and PST on last quarter’s sales, software and security fees, internet and phone (we’ll cut those if this drags on), loan repayments, etc.  We are already reducing all our costs in every creative way we can, and the owners are not taking home a dime in the meantime.

Most importantly we are trying to keep some of our managers and full-time employees working as long as possible to help sustain them and their families.  To that end, we decided to spend additional funds by stripping, washing, and sorting all holds, scrubbing/washing every inch of the climbing walls, tapping damaged t-nuts, priming and painting the climbing walls, and many other side projects.  So far we’ve spent over $3000 locally just on paint and other supplies.  Our federal income tax bill of $11,000 has been deferred until August, but that still hangs over our heads.  We are exploring all of the government programs that are being rolled out, to support our staff and to weather this storm so that we all get our gym back when the storm has passed!


How can I purchase the gift cards and memberships?

Go to our website at and you’ll see the option to support OVERhang is on the home page, half way down.  Or click here:


How can I know what is happening at the gym right now or when you are reopening?

At OVERhang we are doing our best to update our customers as soon as there is new information. You can see these updates on our website or through our Facebook page. We are posting new information as we know it! Our Facebook page is also a great way to see some of the new things happening in the gym while we are closed!

What are you doing to prevent the spread of COVID19?

The safety of our community and employees is of utmost importance to OVERhang. We closed the gym to protect both groups.  We have kept four employees working while the gym is closed.  Two have opportunities to do some work at home, and while anyone is working at the gym at this time, we have three or fewer people present at any time (usually only two) and they are physically spaced out throughout our 7000 square foot facility.  Our staff is practicing physical distancing and staying in self isolation away from the gym if they have traveled or exhibit any signs of illness at all. We are also being very diligent in cleaning and disinfecting every surface we come across and that the public may encounter as well.

Thank you for all of your support, encouragement and messages of hope during this new reality in our world. Remember to stay safe, practice social distancing, enjoy the outdoors and smile. Together we will succeed and grow!