Bouldering Competition Oct 21 - set by Sonnie Trotter!

Posted: October 10, 2017

PEAK Boulder Comp at OVERhang October 21, 2017Prince George is looking forward to being over run by climbers in October, as they gear up for a Bouldering Competition on the 21st.  Sonnie Trotter (Canadian Climbing Icon) will have been up for a couple days, helping the route setters unveil interesting and challenging bouldering problems for all.  Online registration is open.

We've heard there's a team coming from Jasper, folks coming from Smithers, and a group from down South, and likely others too... all intent on challenging OVERhang's up-and-coming athletes!

In the morning we'll run the Rec category (for beginner youth and adults), then move into the Open (Advanced) category later.  If you want to just come for the big show, be there by 5pm to claim your view of the Open Finals - it'll be an exciting event to watch.  Check out videos of past events here.

Stick around after it's all over (around 7pm) for a fun, free, and relaxed social event at FORE Bistro (same building as OVERhang), concurrent with judging and announcements of the annual Mountain photo/literary/film contest put on by the Alpine Club of Canada!  Submission are welcome until October 17th.  Minors welcome until 10pm.

It's all part of 11 days of climbing and adventure, the PEAK Canadian Climbing and Mountain Adventure Festival!  Check out the full list of events.