Group Bookings

Due to the Provincial health order we are accepting the following group bookings:

  • Small groups (up to 6 participants), from the same bubble, on Saturdays and Sundays
  • School groups on weekdays
  • NO use of the Party Room, as social gatherings are prohibited in BC.


Group Bookings

  • Your booking will not exceed 6 people and must be from the same bubble.
  • The booking is for 1 hour of climbing. 
  • The cost for 1 hour of climbing for up to 6 people is $150 plus GST.
  • 2 hour bookings are $225 for up to 6 people. Call the front desk to book for 2 hours.
  • Price includes harness rentals, access to the all three climbing rooms, and a private belayer for your group.
  • Shoes are not included. Bring clean indoor runners or rent for $6 at the front desk.
  • The party room is not available for bookings due to social gathering restrictions in BC.
  • No spectators allowed unless they are part of the group of 6. 
  • All participants must have a current waiver on file. They should be filled out online in advance at

Group bookings are not included in memberships. 


In regular (non-COVID) times:

Book your group climbing event at OVERhang! We do everything from family get-togethers, birthday parties, adult groups, sports days, corporate events, to any other event you may have in mind.

Bookings are for group sizes up to 16 people.

Booking groups will have the Programming Room to themselves for 1 hour of climbing time and, if desired and available, up to an hour in our Party Room afterwards! The Party Room is sanitzed and setup between each group, and is a large space that includes tables and chairs, tons of extra floor space, a fridge/freezer, and a microwave.  It's perfect for bringing in your own pizza/cake or setting up your own games or gathering.  Note: OVERhang staff do not directly supervise the Party Room hour, and we do have expectations around how the space may be used and the condition it must be left in when your group is done. 

CLIMBING SHOES NOT INCLUDED!  Please bring clean indoor running shoes, or rent for $6.  Socked feet are not an option.

All climbers MUST have a waiver on file; waivers expire every 12 months.  For anyone under age 19, a waiver must be completed by their OWN PARENT or LEGAL GUARDIAN (a legal guardian is court-appointed, not just someone who happens to be looking after a child that day).  Please fill waivers out in advance.