Course Schedule

Master Instructor Trainer (MIT)

Date: April 7, 2014 to April 11, 2014

Reclaim Corporate Training

Master Instructor Training

Are you looking for that leg-up to develop or hone your skills as a boss, a facilitator, an instructor, a communicator, a leader, a manager?

There is no other program on the market that uniquely combines the skills of self-inventory as a foundational piece for great leadership with the clinically proven theories of Multiple Intelligence and value awareness facilitation. The learning is topped off by evening group activities and by practicing how to give and receive authentic evaluations and feedback in a variety of situations.

Join facilitator Sheila Gruenwald for five very intensive days of introspection, discussion, group work, role playing, and more.

The Master Instructor Training Program adapts very well for anyone in a leadership position. The skills required to be a great instructor are similar in nature to those of a great leader. Leaders deal with people on a daily basis and this course will make those interactions easier and more productive!

Some of the topics covered:

Strength Deployment Inventory
Multiple Intelligence
Stages of Learning
Facilitation Skills
Creating an Environment that Fosters Learning
The Purpose of Evaluation
Principles of Authentic Evaluation
Participant Presentations
Participant Evaluations

Course Schedule

  • Jan 6-9 Calgary
  • Feb 3-7 Williams Lake
  • March 3-7 Calgary
  • April 7-11 Prince George
  • May 5-9 Ontario

Call Sheila at Reclaim Personal Development at 250-305-7242 for further information and to register.  This course will be held at OVERhang's Prince George classroom facilities, but it is a Reclaim course.

OVERhang's co-owner Lauren Phillips took this training in Williams Lake and would be pleased to provide a GLOWING testimonial - just ask!