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Chicks Highcountry Adventure Training (CHAT)

Date: May 1, 2014 to May 3, 2014

Chicks Highcountry Adventure Training (CHAT)

CHAT is a wilderness survival experience for women that combines the facets of leadership training with the beautiful outdoors.

Join Lead Instructor Sheila Gruenwald on a three day adventure in gorgeous Wells, BC that will call on your physical abilities as well as mental training. Leadership encompasses many aspects in our life; this course will help you discover exactly what you are made of. Concepts of self-development and personal growth are the foundational elements of this course.

Tap into your primal nature and learn elements of: Fire Building, Constructing and sleeping in a Shelter, Wilderness Cuisine and Hiking

All of this while you are being challenged on aspects of leadership development: clearing your mind, setting goals, creating rewards, starting a new ripple!

Are you up to the challenge??

Only six spots per course.  Let Sheila know that OVERhang sent you, when you call her to register or make inquiries!  

To register call Sheila Gruenwald from Reclaim Corporate Training at 1-250-305-7242.

This is NOT an OVERhang course, however we strongly support this type of training for women in the North, so please help us spread the word!