Course Schedule

Intro to GPS course

Date: February 15, 2014

Some people learn by reading a user manual, or experimenting with a device by themselves.  Not everyone, though!

So if you are brand new to using a handheld GPS, or want to learn basic functions for outdoor use, then this course will get you started.

Time: 3 hours   Cost: $55

Minimum Class Size: 4.  Maximum Class Size: 10

Course Audience: Individuals who would like to learn basic functions of a handheld GPS for outdoor use.

Garmin GPS

Prerequisites: No previous experience using a GPS required.

Equipment: Students must bring their own GPS.  (Model must be submitted when registering, to enable a personalized settings handout.) If you do not yet own a GPS and are taking the additional "So You Want to Buy a GPS" module (additional $10), then a unit will be provided for your use.

Register by February 13th, and email us to let us know what model of GPS you'll be using (if you need to borrow one instead, then let us know that too!!)

For 3 hours of the standard course (total $55):  

For the standard course plus additional hour to explore how to pick the right GPS for you (total $65):