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Learn To Belay

Date: November 30, 2020

This 2.5 hour course in a small group setting (max 6 participants) includes:

  • the ins and outs of various harnesses
  • understanding the hardware (various carabiners and a tube-style belay device)
  • tying a figure-eight-followthrough knot
  • buddy checking
  • standard communications/commands between climber and belayer
  • belayer's stance and focus
  • how to belay a climber using the industry best practices for handwork
  • how to take and give slack
  • how to catch a fall
  • how to lower the climber in a controlled fashion back to the ground
  • as a climber, how to remain in control while falling and/or being lowered
  • lots of practice!

The participant must wait at least 24 hours before taking their belay test at our facility, to ensure retention of the skills learned.  We recommend participants come in and practice a few times beforehand, using our hefty water jugs to simulate a human climber!  Need both a climber and belayer when conducting the test, and each person being tested must demonstrate control and best practices in both roles.

OVERhang's Learn To Belay course participants get a complimentary 2 weeks free entry and free rentals immediately after their course, to encourage them to come in and practice.  We are all about training competent, confident climbers/belayers!

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