Course Schedule

Forum on Rappelling

Date: March 19, 2013

Rappelling silhouetteJoin us for an event hosted at the OVERhang's gym for a an open and social event moderated by the PG Alpine Club's Ken Cox.  We had so much fun at the Anchoring and Belaying forum in January that we plan to make these regular events!  It is our aim to bring various parts of the climbing out outdoor community together, sharing ideas and experiences, discussing techniques, and learning from each other.

The evening will begin with a tour of OVERhang's facility that is under construction, then will move into a fun video chosen to stimulate conversation.  We'll have a few wall anchors set up to allow some hands-on demonstrations and practice.  Afterwards, anyone interested can grab a beverage or nachos up in the Golf and Curling Club's restaurant and lounge and continue the debates!

So bring a friend, and we'll see you on March 19th 7pm-9pm.