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Intro to GPS

Date: May 16, 2019

Intro to GPS

Some people learn by reading a user manual, or experimenting with a device by themselves.  Not everyone, though!

So if you are brand new to using a handheld GPS, or want to learn basic functions for outdoor use, then this course will get you started.

Time: 3 hours (optional additional hour)

Cost: $80

Minimum Class Size: 4.  Maximum Class Size: 10

Course Audience: Individuals who would like to learn basic functions of a handheld GPS for outdoor use.

Prerequisites: No previous experience using a GPS required.

Garmin GPS

Equipment: Students must bring their own GPS.  (Model must be submitted when registering, to enable a personalized settings handout.) If you do not yet own a GPS and are taking the additional "So You Want to Buy a GPS" module (additional $10), then a unit will be provided for your use.

Course Topics:

  • Theory: What is GPS, and how does it work? The basics.
  • Terminology: waypoints, tracks, routes, position format, datum
  • Entering Settings: measurement units, position format, datum, time, resetting trip data
  • Techniques: mark and enter waypoints, find a waypoint, follow a track, access trip data
  • Optional: Additional hour for those wanting to explore the different types of units on the market, so they can make an informed choice when buying the right one for them.  $10 extra.

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