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Wilderness First Aid

Date: January 29, 2019

Wilderness First Aid

This 2 day (16 hour) wilderness first aid course is excellent for any outdoor enthusiast, trip leader, family member, or resource worker who wants to take the guess work and panic out of a scary wilderness experience.  We all know that a great day in the bush can turn into a nightmare when a backcountry emergency strikes.

Participants learn from a problem-solving based approach using whatever they have in their pack and in their environment.  Improvised splints, teamwork, leadership, and wilderness-based scenarios make this course fun, interesting, and fast-paced!

This private course is in Kwadacha (Fort Ware).

OPTIONAL - CPR certification one evening for extra $100. 

The Course

The WFA course focuses on basic first aid, including:

  • Response and Assessment,
  • Musculoskeletal Injuries,
  • Environmental Emergencies,
  • Survival Skills,
  • Soft Tissue Injuries, and
  • Medical Emergencies. 

Course cost is $425 plus GST per person.  No prior first aid experience required.  Mininum age 14.  Each participant is required to bring a day pack with whatever they would normally pack for a given day trip of their choice (hike, paddle, ski...).  We'll use this in our realistic scenarios during the course.

Recertification cost (with proof of current certification) is $250 plus GST. 

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This is a private course: if you'd like to ask if joining this course is a possibility, contact Lauren at OVERhang.