Course Schedule

Ice Safety Rescue Technician 2 (ISRT2)

Date: December 10, 2016 to December 11, 2016

Join instructors Lauren and Dean for two days of practical ice training, certified by Rescue Canada.

After an introduction to the hazards posed by a frozen lake or river and how to mitigate them, you'll get kitted out in a drysuit, PFD, and all sorts of specialised gear. We'll have you practicing a variety of self rescue techniques, buddy-rescue techniques, ice travel techniques, and get you thinking about how you can incorporate safer work practices into your job.

For more details check out the Ice Safety/Rescue Technichian II page.

Registration is $375 plus GST per participant.  

If you have recently (within 3 years) completed a Rescue Canda ice course of the same level or higher, recertification registration costs $260 plus GST. Phone OVERhang for more details.

Rental of drysuits, PFD, and full personal kits is $175 plus GST.

Email us for more details.