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Ice Safety Rescue Technician 2 (ISRT2) - Volunteer Fire Departments

Date: March 3, 2012

This two-day Ice Safety Rescue Technician 2 (ISRT2) course was hosted by the Ness Lake Volunteer Fire Department.  Members of four other Volunteer Fire Departments from across the region also jumped in (literally), for a very dynamic course.

Day one was at Ness Lake, where we had to cut holes (using a chainsaw running on canola oil) in 2.5 feet of ice, and jumped in and out in the sun (and wind).  Day two was hosted on the Nechako River, where we found excellend ice conditions for running this kind of course - lots of opportunities to safely practice self and team rescues as the ice was very thin in areas.  We were on the left side of an island, where the current was <2km/hr ... the main channel would have been far too dangerous for this level of course.