Helicopter Safety

Hover Exit TrainingOccupational Helicopter Safety Technician (OHS-T) is a course designed to provide industry and resource personnel with the most current information on preparation, mitigation, response and safety concerns for workers dealing with not only helicopter crash survival training, but helicopter safety in general. And it isn’t just the theory – this course includes a pool session, as well as a significant amount of air time in, around, and under helicopters.

Helicopter safety training is a requirement for people / agencies who:

  • regularly use helicopters or small planes to access work sites
  • fly in areas classified as low to high risk
  • fly over water bodies, including lakes and rivers
  • wildlife / resource management
  • equipment transportation / slinging


Professional Certification

Each student must satisfactorily complete 7 skill stations for certification. This will be witnessed, recorded and marked by the instructor(s) on a "Performance Evaluation" form and given to you and your employer.

Course duration: 2 days

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