ATV Rider Course

ATV SafetyIf you ride an ATV for work or you enjoy hitting the trails for fun, you should have a solid understanding of what your machine can do and how to be a safe and responsible rider.

The ATV Rider Course provides hands-on learning experience. In one day you will go through a series of lessons that start from the basics, and then get you comfortable in more challenging circumstances.

You’ll work your way through the following:

  • protective gear
  • environmental concerns
  • local laws
  • safety techniques
  • pre-ride inspections
  • starting and stopping
  • loading and unloading
  • turning (gradual and quick)
  • hills (stopping, u-turns, traversing)
  • emergency stopping and swerving
  • riding over obstacles.

ATV Rider SafetyWith a small class size (4-8 riders) it’s an excellent learning environment.

So hop on your ATV (or rent one from a local dealer) and join us for a fun and informative day. Check the online schedule or set up your own course by contacting us at .

Course costs $250 plus GST per person.  Does not include ATV rental.  For an additional $60, we highly recommend doing a second day of trail riding with the instructor, to practice all your skills and problem solving in real scenarios, while fully enjoying the backcountry in an informal setting.

Check out the Course Schedule for available dates.

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