Some people wonder why we are closed on weekends during this phase (written July 2, 2020).

Summers tend to be really, really quiet at OVERhang.  The last 2.5 weeks have been really, really quiet here… every day we are open we incur costs, so we need enough CONSISTENT business to be viable.

  • Some summers we’ve gone down to 5 or 6 days/week in the past due to lack of check-ins.
  • We need to have enough business, but not have a crowded space so that we can properly manage physical distancing and COVID-19 protocols.  Our worry is that weekends sometimes attract sudden influxes of big groups of families and groups that may be challenging to manage from a COVID-19 perspective (new clients who are also learning how to use the space and manage climbing risks, plus kids running around, plus everyone adapting to new COVID-19 protocols).  We are trying to manage the line between financial viability (need enough people!) while maintaining physical distancing… and ensuring our members/clients/staff have a comfort level that they aren’t being overly exposed to airborne diseases.
  • We will re-evaluate this over time.  If evenings get busy and we feel we can manage weekend chaos, we may open that up in a future phase.  Please bear with us.

We would much rather be open 24/7, but reality is we have to be cautious and are doing our best to learn and adapt in these challenging times.  We’ve already moved to our fourth phase of reopening in just 3 weeks!

Our reopening has gone well and we’ve generally received great feedback.  Camps have also been a success.  Summer Camps and group bookings are usually what keep us viable in July and August, to compensate for otherwise lean months April-September, even in non-COVID times!  We also really value our members, punch card holders, and clients that come to drop in, and we are doing our best to accommodate everyone.

Thank you to everyone for making it work!  We welcome your feedback.