Welcome To OVERhang Climbing Gym

New to climbing, but not sure where to start?

Looking for a fun and unique way to get fit?

Wanting to meet new and fun people?

Experience the thrill and excitement of rock climbing in a fun and challenging indoor environment.

Walk in the door and within minutes you could be challenging yourself to reach heights and goals you never thought possible. Just read and fill out our waiver and take an orientation. If you are under the age of 19 years old, then your parent or legal guardian must fill it out. That's how easy it is to get started at OVERhang!

With our bouldering cave, top ropes, auto-belay machines, and different levels of difficulty, at any given time you can be entertained and challenged, regardless of your skill level.

You do not have to be super fit to climb... We have rock climbers who are at all fitness levels and ages, we have toddlers to people in their late 60's. Good technique is more important than physical strength... although the more you climb the stronger and fitter you will become!

Rock Climbing Does your Mind - And Body - Good

Indoor rock climbing is a great way to enhance your confidence and self esteem. It is a great physical workout and challenges your mind at the same time. The success of completing a route relies heaviliy on intricate footwork, and overall body strength. Your back, abs, leg muscles, as well as your fingers, shoulder and arms will be worked on a typical route. It is a great form of cardio as well, ascending walls is a sure fire way to get your heart pumping. Tricky maneuvers and lengthy reaches will increase your flexibility and agility.

Each climbing route is like a puzzle. Climbing up a route often demands body awareness and problem solving, more often than not the way to the top is not the direct route, it will take laser focus to work through which holds to grab and where to place your feet. From a mental standpoint, climbing is an amazing teacher, instilling focus, balance, patience, determination, and other valuable life skills. 

Indoor rock climbing is a very empowering sport; you will overcome challenges,  and maybe conquer your fear of heights. The process of overcoming your fears all the time, helps you put life's other challenges into perspective. This form of physical and mental relief often reduces stress levels in other areas of our lives.

We are also ready to host your birthday parties, group functions, school groups, and team building activities.