Thank you to our OVERhang and Prince George Community for choosing to support local!  We appreciate every one of you. 

During this time of the COVID19 Pandemic, local businesses such as ours rely on your support to keep things moving along!  Our objective is to still have a climbing facility, safety training facility, and jobs for our employees to return to.

We are excited to reopen eventually with fresh newly painted walls, new routes and a bright and clean facility.  In addition to trying to keep employees working as long as possible despite zero income, we still have to pay insurance, utilities, software fees, legal and accounting fees, etc.  The owners are extracting zero wages in the meantime, and we have stopped our loan repayment as well.

If you wish to be a part of supporting OVERhang through these tough times, please click on one of the links below and purchase a gift card to redeem when we reopen!  It's not a donation, it's a gift card!  (Pick any date... it doesn't matter... just our silly system).

Thank you and stay safe.

$50 Gift Card

$100 Gift Card

1 Month Adult Membership

All Gift card and membership purchases are stored through our sytem under your name and will be available for pickup when we open. If you require a hard copy of the gift card please email and we will send one via snail mail.