Summer Camps - COVID-19 Measures

Phase B:  Summer Camps during weekdays, Members Only on evenings and weekends

  • Camps separated in time from open gym hours
  • Camp staff are distinct from staff that are running open gym hours
  • Facility cleaning after camp day, before open hours, and again before camp the next day
  • Reduced number of kids in camp to a maximum of 16.
  • Increased minimum age to 8.
  • Kids are there for full week… no signing up for one day here and there.
  • Kids allowed upstairs but not in training area; members welcome in training area but not on couches in general upper hallway.
  • No kids or members in first aid room or classroom – only course participants, instructors, and staff.
  • Locker in party room assigned to each camp kid for their backpack, shoes, etc
  • Harness and shoes designated for each kid will reside in that locker for the week (and shoes sprayed at end of camp day)
  • Individual camp staff will have designated belay devices, biners, and headlamps for the week, that will reside in their lockers when not in use
  • No shared food
  • Everyone (staff and kids) wash their hands immediately upon entry into our facility
  • Frequent handwashing throughout the day - including before/after eating, before/after going to washroom, before/after touching their face, and at any other times as staff or kids see fit.
  • There will also be hand sanitiser available throughout the facility, and outdoors during outdoor games.
  • Kids must bring their own waterbottles - we will remove the water fountain from the facility.
  • Camp staff will have a list of games and activities that allow for physical distancing.
  • No Rollerdome (we can’t control transmission risks inside another facility), at least initially
  • Maybe tennis (it has been identified as a low-risk outdoor activity, and we can provide racquets)
  • Lots of outdoor time!  This is the best way to reduce transmission risks, after physical distancing.  We can set up badminton, soccer, outdoor crafts, water games, etc.
  • Pickup and dropoff outside only - no parents, siblings, grandparents etc inside our facility.
  • The wearing of face masks that cover one's mouth and nose will be encouraged, but not required, for staff and kids.
  • Daily verbal screening for symptoms
  • Kids and staff must stay home if exhibiting symptoms, even if mild
  • If a kid starts to develop symptoms while at camp, we will move them into a different space and contact the parents to come pick them up immediately
  • Parents will be informed that anyone at higher risk of experiencing severe illness should not register for camps.

While we are taking extraordinary measures to reduce the risk of airborne disease transmission, it can not be guaranteed.  These risk can not be completely eliminated when multiple humans are brought together!  Participants and their families are accepting these risks by registering for our camps.