OVERhang Camps 

OVERhang offers a variety of camps during Spring Break, Pro-D days, and Summer! These camps are a great way to get your kids active and learning.  Kids explore climbing as a sport, check out games and sports like tennis, head to the driving range, walk to nearby fields to play soccer and capture the flag, do fun crafts and egg drops, and do more climbing games!  We guarantee they go home tired.

Having fun, getting outside to play sports and water games, climbing climbing climbing, and making friends for life - THIS is what childhood is all about.

Summer Camps 

  • Summer of 2020 is a wee bit interesting - we are taking great measures to reduce the risk of transmission of airborne diseases like COVID-19.  What has NOT changed is how much fun the kids will have!
  • Click here for more info about summer camps in the COVID era and to register for your preferred week(s).  This summer we are offering 4-day and 5-day camps (no 1-day camp registrations, sorry).
  • Ages 8-14.  No kids under the age of 8 this year, please.
  • 8:30am-4pm
  • Maximum 16 kids per week (down from our usual max 24).
  • Select your week and REGISTER HERE!
  • Keep in mind that while we are taking many steps to reduce the spread of airborn disease, and we ask all participants to follow our protocols, we can not fully remove the risk of disease transmission.  Find more info about our Summer Camps 2020 COVID-19 Measures.


Spring Break Camps 

OVERhang offers two 5-day camps during School District 57's Spring Break in March.  Climbing, slack lining, playing, curling, crafting, more climbing... you name it!  Kids go home tired and happy after a fun active day with super engaging OVERhang camp leaders.


Pro-D Day Camps 

Come prepared for a day of fun including: 

  • Climbing activities and games
  • Rope basics
  • Indoor games/activities in party room
  • Slack lining
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Outdoor games and fun (weather dependent)