Who needs to fill out a waiver?
Anyone who is climbing will need a waiver filled out. If the person is under the age of 19, their parent or court appointed guardian will need to fill it out. If you are going to be on the gym floor and not climbing you will need to fill one as well. Also, each participant requires their own individual waiver!

Insurance requires that your full name and your typed signature(for online waivers) exactly match your government issued ID.

Otherwise you will be asked to redo your waiver.

I've never climbed before. What do I do?
We love beginners! Drop by the gym anytime (no need to book ahead) wearing comfortable clothing and non-marking, clean, athletic shoes. Anyone can boulder (low climbing without ropes) without prior experience. You can also use auto-belays to climb some of our higher walls as well. To start top-roping with a partner like most people you will see at the gym, you will need to learn how to belay. Sign up for one of our learn to belay classes to learn the ropes.

Do I have to climb with my children?
While we do not require you to climb with your kids, we do ask that you stay at the facility with any younger children (unless they are part of a youth program). If you are on the floor you must have an active waiver in our system, or you can feel free to watch from our viewing area upstairs. 

What should I wear?
Wear something comfortable that is loose and/or can stretch, such as yoga or running attire. Jeans, for example, are not recommended as they are made of a stiffer material and may restrict your movements on the climbing wall. Climbing shoes are great for climbing but are not mandatory. If you prefer to wear your own shoes, we do ask that they are clean indoor shoes. 

What is a Day Pass? Are rentals included in the Day Pass price?
A Day Pass is good for the entire day. For example, you can come at noon, climb for 90 minutes, head out for lunch, come back and climb more! Your rentals are good all day as well. Rentals are not included in the day pass price, they are extra!

How much climbing would we expect to get in during our visit?
This is somewhat of a hard question to answer because it is a little subjective, but depending on what your base fitness level is and what type of climbing you are doing (bouldering or autobelay) we find that our guests get more than enough climbing in during a regular 1.5 hour climbing session. If you have never climbed before it can be quite startling how tiring it can be, so make sure to plan in rests and hydration breaks. It always helps to spend some time watching other climbers to pick up tips and make your rest period that much more exciting.

Must I make a booking or can I just drop in?
Unless you’re looking for a lesson or for direct staff supervision, you can drop in without a booking. Just keep in mind that orientations take a few minutes!

Do I need to take an orientation before I can boulder or autobelay?
Yes! The orientations are important to help you learn how to use the facility and reduce the risk of accidents and injuries.  Expect a bit of a wait for your orientation:  If it’s really busy here with new visitors, there may be a wait but we get to everyone within 15 minutes or so.

Am I too old to climb?
Short answer, nope! We have members and guests of all ages.

Do I have to be in great shape already to start climbing?
You do not need to be in excellent shape to get started with climbing, but should always consult with your physician before beginning a new exercise program.

Do you do group bookings or birthday parties?
Yes! We offer a range of different options for group sizes and themes for any kind of booking. For all of our bookings we are able to close down one of our gyms just for your group for an hour of climbing. Our bookings also include a complimentary hour in our party room for cakes, presents, or whatever you have in mind. For more information or to make a booking just contact the gym or check out our Bookings page.