In this phase we introduce members only hours on both Friday and Saturday. As well as having additional drop in hours every Sunday 2pm-7pm!

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Read below for details about the changes we've made to our facility and our protocols to reduce the risk of transmission, as well as future phases!

Please bear with us as we figure out how best to do this - we may have to modify our phases or protocols as we learn through the process.  We commit to ensuring that our website will be kept up to date regarding our phases, our user groups, and our protocols.


OVERhang Facility Management for Physical Distancing and Hygiene:

  • Reduced occupancy of climbing spaces: max 20 climbing clients - this does include belayers, parents, small children, and other onlookers who may not be climbing.  This does not include any staff, instructors, or course participants, for which we have separate protocols.
  • Maximum 6 in boulder cave at a time, encouraging people to be respectful of others looking to boulder, limiting lounging time on the boulder mat.  We will monitor this – may reduce the number further if necessary.
  • In roped rooms: no climbing on adjacent routes (must skip an anchor between climbers).  Route setters are taking this into consideration in their route design.
  • Installation of plexiglass across both front office windows.
  • Water fountain replaced with hand washing station.
  • Flow changes – ie how we move people through the facility to help maintain at least 2m between each person:
    • Who has priority in narrow spots (front hallway, stairs, etc)
    • Counter-clockwise flow through climbing spaces: one way into boulder cave from hallway, out into roped room… same thing for Programming Room.  No changes in Main Roped Room.
    • Signage to indicate spacing, flow, zones.
    • We now check every person out when they leave.  This ensures our Current Climber Count on our website is accurate, and is key for our Contact Tracing Plan (below).
    • Opening up the space by moving lockers, shoe racks, and garbage can
    • Staff only in office or party room.  During summer camps, kids will use party room as their home base.
    • There is a time gap between youth groups and open gym hours, to facilitate cleaning and to keep user groups separate.
    • When gym is open to drop-ins, we will usually only need one or two staff members working, who will also do ongoing cleaning of high-touch surfaces at front desk and doorbell, as well as hallways, bathrooms, doors, and bench areas.


Cleaning Plan:

  • Daily cleaning of floors, high-touch surfaces, doors, bathrooms, etc. 
  • Staff also frequently sanitizing high-touch surfaces while gym is open
  • Sanitisation period between youth groups & open hours
  • Weekly clean by a contractor
  • OVERhang’s belay devices and belay carabiners will be sanitized after they are returned by users
  • Rental shoes are now sprayed on the inside AND outside


General Hygiene:

  • Everyone must wash hands immediately upon entry.  Hand washing with soap and water is recommended over use of hand sanitiser gel, for multiple reasons.
  • The Golf and Curling Club has automatic door openers for the lobby doors (push with knee or hip), and hand sanitiser in the lobby.  Members encourage to use all these features before approaching OVERhang’s door.
  • OVERhang staff & clients will be required to wash their hands immediately upon entry into our wing of the facility, and encouraged to wash frequently throughout their session, and on their way out
  • Discourage touching faces
  • No free finger tape for users (we can't sanitise the rolls)
  • Liquid chalk only (and please keep them to the bench area - they make a horrible mess of climbing floors)
  • Signage throughout the facility about prevention of disease transmission
  • Hand sanitizer also available throughout the facility


Member Education:

  • New waiver identifying risks, and need to comply with policies designed to protect staff and clients
  • New COVID-19 orientation for each person climbing after June 16
  • All users will be informed that anyone at higher risk of experiencing severe illness should not participate
  • Signage in lobby and inside our facility
  • No one with symptoms, in close contact with anyone symptoms, or that has travelled outside BC in previous 14 days will be allowed in the facility.  This includes staff and clients.  Everyone will be asked to self-assess, but staff can also turn people away if they are exhibiting symptoms.
  • Users will be oriented to new protocols upon their first entry to OVERhang after June 16, 2020.


Reducing touch points:

  • Online transactions whenever possible (purchase memberships and punch cards online before coming to the gym)
  • Online waivers (read and complete waivers online before coming to the gym)
  • No shared finger tape from front desk (users may purchase their own roll)
  • No showers (just change rooms)
  • No water fountain (fill water bottles from sinks)
  • No clients allowed in Party Room (staff and bookings only)
  • No clients allowed in Front Office (staff only)
  • Used rental harnesses will be put aside in the storage room for 3 days, before going back into service



  • Use of non-medical masks that cover the user’s mouth and nose will be strongly encouraged for staff and clients when in common areas like hallways, but not required.  We do not expect people to wear them while climbing – rather everyone should wash their hands immediately before and after climbing, and avoid touching their face.
  • OVERhang will have masks available for staff that choose to wear them, when they can’t maintain at least 2m distance from other people.
  • OVERhang will also have masks available for members to purchase for a mere $5, should they choose to wear them.
  • Nitrile gloves are always available to staff too, although we will ensure everyone is educated about the greater benefits of frequent and thorough handwashing and good hygiene.
  • A separate PPE document and protocols has been developed for route setters and route strippers.


Contact Tracing Plan:

We absolutely do not want any staff or clients to become infected with COVID-19.  However, risk of disease transmission is always a possibility, even when we do our best to minimise it.  So, if a person is identified to have a confirmed or suspected COVID-19 infection, then we will activate our contact tracing plan:

  • We will diligently check in all visitors into our member-management software, and check them out when they leave, too.
  • With a few quick taps we can produce a contact tracing report from our software, which allows us to see who was in facility at same time as a given client, and for how long (length of exposure), over a given time frame.
  • With that in hand, we would collaborate with health officials in tracking down and informing all visitors and staff that were potentially exposed.  Information collected on our waivers includes personal contact information for all climbing gym users.
  • Video footage can also be reviewed within a three-week time period.
  • If requested by health officials, we would close the gym temporarily, and modify our protocols if necessary.


Summer Camps COVID-19 Protocols

Summer camps during weekdays, other users on evenings

  • No overnight camps
  • Increased minimum age of campers to age 8
  • Camps separated in time from open hours
  • Camp supervision staff separate from staff that are running open gym hours
  • Cleaning after camp day, before open hours
  • Reduced number of kids in camp to a maximum of 16
  • Kids are there for full week… no one-day registrants
  • Kids allowed upstairs but not in training area; members welcome in training area but not on couches in general upper hallway.
  • No kids or members in first aid room or classroom – only course participants, instructors, and staff
  • Move lockers or cubbies into party room, locker assigned to each camp kid for their backpack, shoes, etc
  • Harness and shoes designated for each kid will reside in their locker in the party room for the week (and shoes sprayed at end of camp day)
  • Individual camp staff will have designated belay devices, biners, and headlamps for the week, that will reside in their lockers when not in use
  • No shared food
  • Frequent handwashing will be a core element of every camper's day - when first entering facility, before and after eating, and encouraged frequently at any other time
  • Staff will have hand sanitiser available whenever outside the facility for outdoor games, tennis, golf, etc
  • Camp staff will develop a list of games and activities that allow for physical distancing, and will make strong efforts to keep everyone 2m apart as much as possible
  • No Rollerdome (it's harder to control transmission risks inside another facility), at least initially
  • Lots of outdoor time when the weather cooperates!  This is the best way to reduce transmission risks, after physical distancing and hand washing.  We can set up badminton, soccer, basketball, outdoor crafts, water games, etc.
  • Several times per week, campers and staff may walk to an offsite location for outdoor games
  • Pickup and dropoff outside only - no parents, siblings, grandparents etc inside our facility
  • Daily verbal screening for symptoms
  • Kids and staff must stay home if exhibiting symptoms, even if mild
  • If a kid starts to develop symptoms while at camp, we will move them into a different space and contact the parents to come pick them up immediately
  • Parents will be informed that anyone at higher risk of experiencing severe illness should not register for camps.


PHASE D begins July 2! Weekdays and drop-ins

In this phase we will be welcoming back daypasses (drop-ins) - yay!

Due to the lack of check-ins in June, we will no longer be open on weekends in July.  There simply hasn't been enough consistent interest to make it viable for our business at this time.  This may be re-evaluated later in the summer or fall.  Stay tuned!


Still have questions?  You're probably not alone!  Head to our FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions.