OVERhang is excited to be offering a wide variety of Yoga classes including Yoga Bootcamp, Acro Yoga, Kids Yoga and Yin Yoga. We are continually updating our class schedule to meet your needs.





Community Yoga

Join Adam for an hour of Vinyasa Flow Yoga! Sun salutations, fun and relaxation.
January 6th to January 27th
Fridays 6:30pm to 7:30pm
OVERhang Fitness Studio
Community Class -  By donation (suggestd donation of $2.00)
No need to register, simply show up!  




Partner Yoga with Laura 

 Have you ever wanted to fly? Feel deeper connection to others? Laugh uncontrollably? Experience the sensation of flying all while exploring partner yoga poses with a supportive community of practitioners.

 Partner yoga has a multitude of benefits. You can improve your strength, balance and flexibility, all while exploring your physical and mental edges through laughter, play, and letting go.

In this session, you will learn

 ·         how to feel safe, let go, and feel supported by your partners.

·         how to give through the benefits of therapeutics, and to receive from your partner.

·         how to communicate on a completely elevated level using nonverbal cues.

Watch as the lessons in partner yoga begins to translate into other areas of your life- physically, mentally and spiritually.

Check back for more information on upcoming Acro Programs.


About Laura

RYT 200


Laura first stepped on the mat 12 years ago and fell in love with the peace, compassion, and acceptance of self that came with the practice of yoga. As a former figure skater, Laura enjoys the flow and movement that yoga offers, exploring balance, strength and breath through each pose. Along with the spiritual and mental balance that yoga brings to her life, Laura enjoys the light of yoga through playfulness and exploring new and challenging poses. Her goal is to help students explore compassion for self, find meditation between breath and movement, and to leave class feeling balanced physically, spiritually, and mentally...oh, and with a big smile.

Laura has developed a passion for partner yoga and acrobatics, travelling to festivals to learn from and practice with teachers from all over the globe. She values the connection and trust to others that it builds, and how much laughter and joy it can create. She believes you are never too old to play, and we can all spread a little more light and love through conscious and meaningful connection.