Specialty Programs

Get fit while having FUN!!!  Scroll down to register for Core Training, Youth Athletic Training, The Greatest Loser and more! Programs change regularly, so be sure to check back with us soon.

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 Beginner Workout Classes

Are you tired of paying for a gym membership that you aren't using? Are you new into fitness, or just getting back into it? Do you want to meet like-minded ladies, with similar goals? If so....join our Beginner Workout!
This group will participate in two workouts per week, your choice of days and times, and work together with the other participants to create walking partnerships. The workouts will consist of full body resistance training, cardio, core, and flexibility training. These workouts will be geared towards the beginner, and adapted to work around injuries, and disabilities.
NEW!!!!!! Our Beginner workout classes have now been merged into our regular Bootcamp schedule.  
Please see our Bootcamp page for more information on days, times, locations and prices.
Bootcamp Schedule 

For more information, please email Trainer Kim at Fitness@overhang.ca