These courses are suitable for OH&S committee members, supervisors, workers and health and safety professionals committed to preventing occupational injury and disease, and for members of the general public interested in acquiring a better understanding of risks associated with their work.

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Responsibilities of JH&S Committees 

Identify and interpret OH&S committee members' responsibilities and duties and carry them out in ways that promote workplace health and safety.  

Hazard Recognition and Control 

Make informed decisions through identification of hazards and apply effective strategies to control hazards in the workplace.  

Preventing and Investigating Musculoskeletal Injury  

Explain the seven-step MSI prevention process, identify risk factors associated with MSI, determine ways to control identified risks and apply tools to prevent MSI and conduct investigations into MSI.  

Preventing Workplace Violence 

Explain the regulatory requirements for protection of workers from workplace violence, conduct a risk assessment, establish preventive measures and procedures and develop a workplace violence prevention program.

Supervisor Safety Management

Identify and explain supervisor responsibilities for a safe work environment and describe processes for risk assessments, inspections and accident investigations as required for due diligence.

Occupational Health and Safety in Small Business

Explain employers' and workers' health and safety responsibilities and practice due diligence in carrying them out in the workplace.

Injured at Work....Cared for at Work

This is a 4 hr course which provides an opportunity for management, supervisors, OH&S members and first aid attendants to get together to discuss their various roles in a first aid program and to increase awareness of a first aid attendant's responsibility.