Mountains inspire Canadians to greatness

Peak Festival 2017 

Canadians define themselves by their grit, resilience, love of natural heritage and vast landscapes, the soaring mountains and river icons that inspire them, and by their volunteerism in the believe that high seas float all boats.  Canadians are up for a challenge, work hard, and value teamwork, problem solving, perseverance, pioneering, exploring, independence, and their good fortune to live and thrive in this amazing country, while helping others step up.  These traits are consistent with the traits of a climber or a mountaineer!  In 2017 Prince George will honour Canada's 150th birthday by celebrating what makes us Canadian.


Join us October 11th - 22nd 2017 to celebrate Canada’s mountain climbing heritage and culture while creating opportunities for all of Northern BC to learn and enjoy climbing, arts, and other exciting activities in a two-week festival hosted in Prince George!

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The Prince George Section of the Alpine Club of Canada, the Throwdown Adventure Festival Society, and OVERhang Climbing Gym are partnering up to make an event for the history books.  Interested in helping make this a reality? Give us a shout at 250-563-2547 


Hiker at Mount Robson