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Lauren & Dean horsing aroundOVERhang was the brainchild of Lauren Phillips and Dean Price, and was actually incorporated in late 2009.  We've been teaching courses and growing our offerings, all while working on opening a climbing gym.  We didn't think that would take four years!!!

Finding the right spot proved to be an enormous challenge in a northern city where nobody builds taller than they have to, and warehouses are either in out-of-the-way spots, contaminated due to prior use, or not in the right price range.  We are delighted to have finally opened our facility October 1, 2013 inside the PG Golf & Curling Club... a building that is changing into a friendly and welcoming multi-sport recreation center, complete with tennis, golf, curling, climbing, and more.

One of three climbing rooms under constructionWhat started as a simple climbing gym has turned into a full-service fitness facility, and an education center that is already drawing people from all over Western Canada for courses in outdoor safety and adventure.

Please join us in our adventure, and find an adventure of your own!

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