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Hours & LocationWelcome to OVERhang Education Centre Ltd.

OVERhang Climbing Gym under construction

On September 1st we will be open for our fall hours. See more information on our hours and prices page. We will UPDATE you on ALL THE PROGRAMS AND FITNESS CLASSES SOON.

The OVERhang is a Prince George-based business specializing in indoor climbing, outdoor safety, and wilderness recreation.  We aim to get people of all ages and abilities outdoors and enjoying a variety of activities in a safe and responsible manner, all while getting the most out of the experience!

Whether you work or play outside or are involved in emergency management, you'll find courses, gear and information to get you doing it right. Since 2010 we've offered courses in swiftwater safety, river ice rescue, safe ATV and snowmobile operation, wilderness first aid, avalanche awareness, wilderness survival, trip planning, and outdoor leadership workshops.

We also equip teams with the gear they need to operate safely in a range of natural environments, and provide safety standby services for resource industry workers operating in environments with higher risks.

Join us for some wicked climbing, challenging workouts, relaxing yoga, or amazing courses!  We are also located in the same recreation facility as tennis, golf and curling!